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Heat pumps and airconditioning

IJmond Climate Service installs heat pumps and airconditioning, both for consumers and businesses. With an efficiency of up to 500%, a heat pump is an extremely sustainable heat supplier. This is because a large part of the necessary energy is extracted 'free' from the surroundings; Earth, water or air.

With a heat pump, therefore, you use a small amount of energy to convert the "free" energy into usable energy, in the form of heat that can be released into the central heating system. The Netherlands already has thousands of satisfied heat pump owners. In Scandinavian countries, where natural gas is not as common as it is with us, heat pumps have been used much a long time. In the meantime, heat pump development has not stood still and modern heat pumps are an excellent alternative (fewer heating costs) to HR gas-fired boilers.

Heat pumps extract energy from outside air, soil or groundwater and converts it into usable energy. The efficiency of this is very high! Using only 1 kWh of mains energy a heat pump can transfer 2 to 5 kWh of heat into your central heating system. You power consumption will rise once you install a heat pump, but on the other hand your gas consumption and costs go to zero if you use a full electric heat pump system. We also install hybrid heat pumps, which take over the majority of the heating from the existing gas-fired central heating boiler. In that case you will reduce your gas usage and costs by at least 50%.

Heat pumps are ideal in combination with solar panels, because then a heat pump runs using 'free' sustainably generated energy from the sun. When all electricity in the Netherlands is sustainably generated, the CO2 emissions from a full electric heat pump installation will go to zero! The CO2 emissions through heating and hot water are currently much lower with a:

  • Hybrid warmtepomp = 25% lower
  • Heat pump with outdoor air as energy source = 35% lower
  • Heat pump with groundtemperature as energy source = 50% lower

Besides heat pumps we also install airconditioning systems. Modern Moderne airconditioning systems not only cool premises, but can also heat them and are energy efficient. If you want to cool multiple premises with multiple indoor units, hooked up to a single outside unit, that's not a problem. From houses to business premises, IJmond Climaatservice can advise, plan and install the perfect airconditioning system for you.

We install heatpumps and airconditioning systems with top quality brands like Daikin, Mitsubisch, Fijitsu, Midea and Nefit Bosch.

Installations projects

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