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Sustainable business

An office building and workshop as our business card

Since the company started in 2001 IJmond Klimaatservice has been a leading example of sustainable business practices. These practices are not only clearly reflected in our office building and workshop, but also in our advice to clients and the projects we undertake.

During the development of our office building we wanted to build and energy neutral building. We did it. We used existing elements, like the sun, the air and the wind. It’s out there and free, so why not use it? We use solar panels and a wind turbine to generate more energy than we need. Everything is electric, so we’re not hooked up to the gas network.

This has no negative consequences for lighting and the climate in the building. Even the work floor has excellent climate control. And that’s not all.  

We’re always looking out for new products and techniques that decrease the load on the environment, without any concessions to comfort, for ourselves and for our clients. Beside the mentioned products and techniques to reduce our energy footprint, we also use heat pumps, heat recovery units and optimal insulation.

Finally, as the Dutch say, you have to measure something to know. So we continuously monitor if everything functions as designed. If not, we can adjust to stop energy wastes. This allows us to gain large energy returns.

And at the end of the day it’s always fun to receive money back from the energy company, instead of paying them.


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