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About us

Since we started in 2001, IJmond Klimaatservice has evolved into a specialist in supplying and installing heat pumps, Central heating, airconditioning, and solar panels. Small and large projects for consumers and businesses. We also focus on non-residential building projects: Office buildings, commercial buildings, apartment complexes and hotels, all with more complex installations. Our offshore department is specialised in climate control systems for  offshore production and accommodation platforms. 

Due to the many projects we have undertaken and completed, in short time we have become an key player in the market. Customisation and personal attention are key concepts in our way of working.

Sustainable business is another key concept that we always integrate into projects for our clients. Our personal vision is that the environment comes first, and after that the economic benefit.

Sustainable buisness

IJmond Klimaatservice and susitainable busines go hand in hand. Our office building and workshop are our business card. More >>