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Solar panels

Solar panels have becomepart of normal life. More and more Dutch roofs are covered with solar panels. IJmond Klimaatservice has had experience with sustainable power generation with solar panels since the construction of our energy-neutral business premises in 2001.

In the past years, the solar panel market has gained huge momentum and never before was it as interesting as it is now to have solar panels installed. Solar panels never before earned themselves back so quickly.

But every roof is unique and every user is too. That is why a good installation starts with a personal plan, expertly tailored to your electricity needs. What percentage of your own power consumption do you want to generate yourself? What type of roof do you have and when does it catch the most sun? Are you planning to charge your electric car and/or does your house have a heat pump now or in the near future? All things that influence the number and type of panels that are needed to meet your electricity demand.

IJmond Klimaatservice will help you, from expert advice to your full installation. We install panels, inverters and mounting systems from DMEGC and Esdec Fusion on every roof.

Installations projects

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